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Friday, November 15, 2013

When This is About Following Our Hearts

As many of you well know, my husband graduated with his doctorate in music composition and piano performance a year and a half ago. Since then, however, what you may not know is that he hasn't been able to find full-time employment, despite his having applied to over 1,000 jobs and interviewing for positions that felt thisclose. 

It's been heartbreaking. 

Even still, Greg has remained diligent in building up his private piano studio and performing at weddings. These have sufficed for the meantime, but there's still the ache of what we haven't yet realized, so: 

We've decided to launch out and pursue what Greg has desired all along: to produce and release his first solo piano album with pieces that he wrote. He's written the works, and he's already recorded the music (at ASU!), but where we've run into funding issues is in the mastering and making of the actual CDs. 

Here's where we invite you to join with us. 

Greg has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to complete his project: 

Kickstarter is a website designed for artists and entrepreneurs to raise both awareness and funding for their projects. Kickstarters are produced by the artist and the entirety of funding comes from everyday people--family, friends, fans--who support the artist/cause. 

Greg's Kickstarter 

The Project: A 37-minute album of 7 original pieces written and performed by Greg

The Goal: Raise $2100 in 21 days (December 4, 2013) from backers like you--people who appreciate new classical music and want to see more of it produced by genuine artists 

The Risk: If all the money is not raised in 21 days, Greg receives none of it and backers are not charged

The Rewards: Backers of $10 or more will receive a digital download of the CD; backers of $14 or more will receive a CD  (if the project makes)

The Invitation: Please visit Greg's Kickstarter page to watch his video and read about his vision for the CD. Then, if you're interested, donate to the project! You can donate as little as $1. And--by all means!--share the link on Facebook/Twitter and with anyone you know who values classical music. Greg hopes to have the album done by Christmas, so it would make an amazing gift. 

Thank you for your consideration of this project. 
Whether or not you're able to contribute funds, we value your prayers.

Special thanks to our talented and generous friend, David Ovienmhada, who produced the Kickstarter video. 


Renee Ronika said...

Woohooo....fulfilling a dream!! Love it!!

Renee Ronika said...

We appreciate your support, Serena. Thank you.

Renee Ronika said...

This is so awesome! Is there any way to contribute by Paypal so that it will be included in the overall total?

Renee Ronika said...

Gosh, Shalle. I'm sorry I missed this earlier. Yes, you can still donate, although it won't be reflected in the Kickstarter total. You can use my hotmail address or email me there and I'll give you Greg's email. Love you and THANK YOU.

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