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Friday, June 08, 2012

Women in Ministry Series: My Contribution

It's an honor for me to join the chorus of women writing about experiences we've had in and around ministry, validating the notion that God desires women to be active in--and out of--the church. 

Please join me at Ed Cyzewski's site, In A Mirror Dimly, for my contribution on becoming women warriors. Then stick around and read pieces from other women who have contributed their voices.  

I used to think succeeding as a woman in ministry meant I’d have to write a book with a corresponding DVD teaching series. It felt as though this was what most women preferred; but I’ve never been drawn to the commonplace.
I’ve wanted to interact with God and other women like in the Bible—with intimate encounters that uncover our weaknesses and then clothe us with the strength of the Holy Spirit.
During my twenties—my single days in which I trounced to and from various coasts and countries—I found women who were ready to battle alongside me; we wrestled with God, with each other, with ourselves, not so much to find answers but to discover a deeper sense of identity and purpose.
In my early thirties, my newlywed husband and I relocated to a small Coloradan town so he could pursue his doctorate. I taught English full time at the university and waited for a community of like-minded women to appear—just as they had done during my single years.
But no one came, and if one did, she didn’t stay long.


Jennifer Smith said...

So beautiful! I can't wait till we hold a women's group at your new house lol :D you were so missed last Sunday Renee. I am praying for blessing, peace and joy for you. You are an amazing woman of God and I am honored to call you friend! 

Renee Ronika Klug said...

Thank you, friend. It's my honor to know you, Jen. 

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