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Saturday, November 26, 2011

ARTICLE: Gender Roles as God Intended

My piece "Gender Roles as God Intended" has been published by Provoketive Magazine; please visit their site to read my missive about the necessity of women speaking up both in their marriages and at church. It's an anthem of my heart, and I trust you'll enjoy the read. Here's a preview: 

Before I was married, my hairdresser told me about a woman in her sixties who explained to him the meaning of marriage, the breakdown of gender roles, and the secret to staying together. She could see beyond her husband’s analytical nature. She was perspicacious. It thus became her job to let her husband in on the nuances of others—ticks, sidelong glances, subtleties. Once her husband had been informed of her observations and ensuing opinions, she trusted his judgment. Her husband, a prominent entrepreneur, used her insights to make the best decisions for business, for family, for himself. After forty years of marriage, by operating out of their inherent strengths, they had created a peaceful and thriving life together, as one.

I usually can see a thing before it happens. I believe I was born this way, but I also know that in reconciling with my creator as a Christian, I’ve learned how to harness these gifts for the greater good.


Shari Lopatin said...

Congratulations Renee!!! So excited and happy for your publication! :-) Heading over to read it right now.

Renee Ronika Klug said...

Thanks, Shari! I look forward to hearing your response.

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